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Physical Security Guide

The modern business owner faces security risks at every turn. As technology continues to advance, threats can come from just about anywhere, and the importance of physical security has never been greater. While many companies focus their prevention efforts on cybersecurity and hacking, physical threats shouldn’t be ignored. Every breach, big or small, impacts your business, from financial losses, to damaged reputation, to employee safety. Even for small businesses, having the right physical security measures in place can make all the difference in keeping your business, and your staff, data safe.

What is physical security?

Physical security measures are designed to protect business assets, and safeguard employees. In short, they keep unauthorized personnel out, and give access to authorized individuals. While network and cybersecurity are important, preventing physical security breaches and threats is key to keeping your technology and data safe, as well as any staff or faculty that have access to the building. Without physical security plans in place, your office or building is left open to criminal activity, and liable for types of physical security threats including theft, vandalism and fraud.

A comprehensive physical security plan combines both technology and specialized hardware, and should include countermeasures against intrusion such as:

  • Site design and layout

  • Training

  • Access control

  • Emergency response readiness

  • Power and fire protection

  • Intrusion detection

With the use of natural surveillance, encrypted keycards and even landscaping elements, just to name a few; there can be many different components to preventing all different types of physical security threats.

If you like the ideas we’ve discussed today, give us a call and we can help you take the appropriate measures to protect your business, staff, and data. Providing you with peace of mind.

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