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Miami service locations for security assessments, audits, consulting and private investigations

Private Investigation 
We help our clients to build trust with independence, expertise and credibility. Call for a free confidential consultation today.

Private Investigation License # A3100256

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Our private investigation team is trained and certified in covert surveillance techniques, undercover operations, interview and interrogations techniques, and, computer forensics. 

Our agents have decades of law enforcement experience, U.S. military special operations experience and investigation experience to provide you with the best results for any type of investigation or security service you may need. Our staff attends numerous hours of training each year to maintain a high standard of quality for your private investigation needs. Our agents are fully licensed and our staff is professional, confidential, experienced and certified in all areas of expertise. 

Due to our high-level of expertise, experience and reputation of private investigation, AHS Security Consulting is frequently retained by government officials at the local, state and federal levels to review and evaluate law enforcement practices and procedures, and to investigate patterns of alleged misconduct and specific incidents.

Law enforcement agencies, including state and city police departments and university and hospital police forces, also look to AHS Security for an objective review of their practices and procedures, and assurances that their operations meet the highest standards and best practices. We review policies and procedures, examine and analyze statistical data, interview relevant personnel, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the facts on the ground. 

Our Private Investigation Services Include:

  • Pre-employment Screening

  • Investigative reports for public consumption

  • Internal Theft & Fraud

  • Domestic Related

  • People & Asset Locator

  • Landline and Cellular Services

  • Bank Account Locator


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