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Security Master Plans
AHS Security Master Plans enables an organization to identify, prioritize, budget for and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted as the threat environment and organizational risk profile evolves.

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Best practice security risk management begins with a Master Plan

Develop your vision of security goals for the organization, how it intends to reach and finance those goals and how implementation can be measured.

AHS Security has often assessed Security Programs that are almost exclusively responsive in nature and budgets that are expended yearly on diverse issues with no formal programmatic goals and milestones. When security departments are “putting out fires” with their yearly budgets instead of progressing towards clearly identified objectives, AHS Security tends to find patchwork programs with significant variance in quality and capabilities across program components.

AHS Security begins the assessment or development of a Security Master Plan with a review of the currently deployed program, the stated and documented goals of the program from both a corporate and a security management perspective and current initiatives being undertaken by the department.

Due to constant budget constraints in the deployment of effective security  measures, AHS Security focuses on the existing processes for security budget development with the objective of identifying the means for the department to optimize the planning of programmatic upgrades over budget cycles to ensure feasibility and prioritization of program elements.

A primary goal of a Security Master Plan is to optimize needed program development over a chosen timeline with clearly defined milestones and measurable goals. This “roadmap” for the security department allows the prioritization of those elements of the program deemed to be the most important and the forecasting of concrete timelines for deployment.

As important as the timelines and priorities are, flexibility is also paramount in today’s risk management environment. As has been seen in the recent past, security departments must be able to move from response to civil unrest to temperature screening of personnel in a professional and efficient manner. This requires flexibility in budgeting and timelines, which are addressed in a formal Security Master Plan. A roadmap with sufficient alternate routes to adapt to changing conditions allows for an efficient and effective security program. Take your own safety seriously and consult the experts. AHS Security Consulting will help you develop and implement a comprehensive security plan to protect you, your business, and anything else you care about. 


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