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Security Program Assessment
We help our clients to build resilience, protecting their people, assets and operations. We provide end-to-end crisis management and business continuity services with complete program assessments and plan designs. Ensure your organizational security function is appropriately staffed, resourced and situated. 

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Our certified security consultants and engineers design and oversee cutting-edge security systems that help all stakeholders, including tenants, corporate security officers, and executives, feel more confident in the strategies deployed. 

We act as trusted advisors to private- and public-sector clients worldwide anticipate, adapt to, withstand and recover from shocks and stresses to their businesses. We guide our clients throughout the full project lifecycle, driving measurable value through our in-depth understanding of managing security and risk in the built environment and of achieving resilience in design.

Achieving resilience starts with a comprehensive security program assessment of every aspect of your business, putting business continuity and crisis management plans in place as well as operational workarounds. With our experience in crisis management, risk assessments, emergency preparedness and business continuity planning, we utilize industry standards and proven best practices, while addressing legal and regulatory requirements to assist your organization and support your organizational requirements.

We know what it takes for a security department to be successful and what it takes to scale a program for global application. We will help you identify your current state, growth edges and areas for improvement, and we can be a partner for life.

Some of the key areas we focus on while conducting a security program assessment:

  • Is the security department appropriately resourced for success (i.e. funding, personnel)

  • Does the delivery of the security function meet the expectations of organizational leadership?

  • Is the security department staffed with the skillsets, leadership and expertise to address known and reasonably perceivable threats, risks and opposition?

  • Is the security department poised to grow as the organization grows?

  • Does the security department foster and maintain the right relationships to address anomalies, emergencies and unplanned-for contingencies?

  • Are your third-party vendors meeting your expectations for performance, insight and guidance?

  • Are your vendor-based solutions the best application of program funds to address the risks to your organization?

  • If present, is the threat management program functioning as designed, properly resourced and meeting the expectations of senior leadership?

  • If present, is the business continuity program functioning as designed, properly resourced and meeting the expectations of senior leadership?

AHS Security has the expertise and experience to provide valuable insight, impartial analysis and third-party assessment, regardless of the current state of your security program. 


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