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Security Audits
Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We help tackle issues that are driving noncompliance to establish an effective security program 

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Identify weaknesses and security gaps  throughout your organization

At we bring AHS Security decades of experience to our audits and our leading experts help you anticipate potential threats. Our audits will show you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures.

A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. Our audits will show you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures.

We have seen countless reasons for noncompliance with existing security procedures. Sometimes employees bypass measures for the sake of convenience or if they feel they can be more productive without them. Other times, there is a resistance to change or just forgetfulness or carelessness. Multinational companies and those with multiple facilities can find it especially challenging to ensure system-wide compliance with security procedures.

We have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization and identify noncompliance issues. We can help you establish a balanced and effective security risk management program that you can be comfortable and confident with. This exercise can be especially beneficial after an acquisition for standardizing policies and procedures.

Our security audits can also be important in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered, or wrongdoing is suspected. You can use our findings for any potential litigation/legal proceedings and to strengthen your internal controls to mitigate future problems.


By taking a risk-based approach AHS can help your organization to better prevent, plan for and mitigate risks and respond to threats. Managing organizational risk is paramount to effective security and privacy programs. 


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